Life Update: Home Sweet Home

The title gave it away, but yes…. we are now officially homeowners!
I’m still in awe & of course still not believing it… however, the reality is that it happened.

2018 was hard. I might’ve already established that in My 2018 year reflection blog post. But I can’t stress it enough. My battle all year long had a lot to do with not being able to have our own place. Despite the frustration we all went through, living together taught us some very valuable lessons.
(In case you didn’t know – my husband, daughter, Shih Tzu and I have been living in a room for the past year. Click here to read all about it.)
First of all, it taught us gratitude. I am first and foremost grateful with Jesus for giving us peace in the midst of tribulation. We definitely had to search for his patience and grace last year & I’m thankful it was available for us. ❤
Next, I am tremendously grateful for my mother. She practiced mercy and patience with us all year long. I’m thankful for the infinite help & support we received from her. Not only did she provide financial support for our family, but she also contributed plenty of words of encouragement that brought inspiration to our life. My mother being the prayer warrior she is also stood firm with her good prayers towards us. It was truly a blessing living by her side. & now, I can attest the saying “you do not know what you have until it’s gone.” Her absence these past few days have been felt and it is soo soo bittersweet. Despite all the disputes, I thank God for her life and the opportunity He gave me to have been able to live with my mother while becoming one.
My father has our gratitude as well. He served as a guide to all of the potential routes we wanted to take when making big decisions like this one. He instructed, inspired, explained, and taught us along the way. He transmitted his wisdom along with many more of his great qualities. I also thank God for his life. Without his words, and concepts of life we’d be one step too far away from our dreams.

Going hand-in-hand, wisdom & patience were the second biggest qualities that living in a room taught us.
I have always been a dreamer and a go-getter. Especially when it deals with spending money lol. If I want or need something – I usually just go get it. This could be a good thing, but without control, this could be a terrible, terrible thing. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts… Isac has been my rock when it comes to this. He is truly wise and patient. He tries his very best to take care of our belongings and I am very thankful for that. Since our focus was to save last year, a slight touch of being wise and patient brushed off on me. I’ve learned that realistically we cannot have all at once. It takes time. It takes the smartest decisions. Wisest best said.

Before I went on about all the awesome details … I wanted you guys to know that buying our home was so much more than that for us. We’ve been working on administering our finances right for the sake of living a happy, debt-free life. Buying our first home wisely…. marks a HUGE step towards our overall goals.

Going through the motion…

We spent all year long, battling between our emotions.
There was the
“forget it let’s just buy a nice home & get in debt”
“wait, save, save, then buy a great house”
“save just enough, buy a fixer-upper, & pay it off fast”

Throughout the year, we contacted about 2-3 different realtors, applied for the down payment assistant programs available, spoke with contractors to make us a brand new home, & even looked into buying a mobile home. I mean we spent the whole year up & down (just like a rollercoaster) fighting our emotions lol. It’s a tad bit embarrassing to share that but I’m fully satisfied with the overall outcome.

There was even one crazy proposal that was placed in our hands since the beginning of the year. (Maybe even since 2017)

If I haven’t mentioned before, my mother is a single mom. She pays her own bills all by herself. Since her credit isn’t the best, the interest on her home had been scary high. Like, double-digits high. Initially, my mom wanted us to buy her home just so the interest wouldn’t be so high. She would’ve still lived there and paid the mortgage but it would’ve been under our name. I liked the idea that we would help her out, but we were still not ready to make such decision.

Time passes, and the offer was still on the table. Only this time she offered us the actual home. Her mentality over the years had been changing as well and didn’t care much for having a “house” (since very soon both of her kids would be all grown up and in their own places). All she really started to care for, was to be free from the slavery of paying.

The offer was available since the year begun. It was mentioned all throughout the year, and although I loved the idea of my mother being debt free, I was still not fully accepting of the plan.

You see, I dreamed of the experience. The experience of buying a home. I pictured myself touring the homes in the hopes of potentially falling in love with “the one”. I wanted my own home that I myself picked out. I wanted that experience. &…… I had it.

I went on private showings, imagined my children running around the place, (partially) fell in love, and even made offers on 3 different homes. All that were denied. Meaning they were not for us. I’m thankful now because if we would’ve settled for these homes that would’ve meant our financial goals would have had to change. After experiencing all of <<< that, we knew we were so done with the so-called “wonderful experience”. At least for now.

(Don’t get me wrong, it’s a very exciting experience but also super stressful when you don’t have the financial requirements for the house of your liking.)

After having our hearts broken 3 times, we stood still for a while. We decided it was best to wait. We chose to get our priorities in check and re-think ALL of our options.

It was a matter of time… when we finally saw it.

We saw the opportunity so bright, we took a chance.

The new year was approaching and we were ready to make a decision. We were honestly very anxious to have our own place. It was time. We decided to buy my mother’s house.

Now, something you should know is that my mom had always said she felt in her heart that this was the home for us. Before, I would get so angry when she said this. At first, I felt as if she was imposing this house on us, even if we didn’t want it. But because of time, I began to see the house differently.

Remember that with time, you are able to see mysteries being unveiled. What was unclear before, is now clearer than alkaline water.

Subconsciously I started to see the potential of the home. At the time, it was for the well-being of my mother, but very slowly I began imagining my own family there. It was a secret shushed within me. I was too prideful to share it with anyone.

However, the truth is… I was gradually falling in love with my mother’s house!

I believe it was all the works of Jesus. He prepared us all for the great happening…

 “For my thoughts are not your thoughts,
    neither are your ways my ways,”
declares the Lord.
 “As the heavens are higher than the earth,
    so are my ways higher than your ways
    and my thoughts than your thoughts.

Isaiah 55:8-9

We began the process on November 19th, 2018 & closed on December 28th, 2018!
As a blessing, my mom requested only enough profit to buy herself a mobile home cash. After reviewing the appraisal, we were shocked by the amount the house was valued for. It was appraised for more than what we thought it would.

Our lender did great, & fixed up the numbers so we could get an awesome deal on it! Just know that we were able to put down 20% down on the house without using a penny from our bank. You see, my mom decided to gift us the remaining profit for our down payment. Actually, initially she wanted to give us the money to remodel but we decided it was best to knock off the PMI.

The PMI is the Private Mortgage Insurance every conventional loan has. This is a type of insurance to protect the home in case it goes into foreclosure. If you didn’t already know, once you put down 20% or more of down payment you are able to save tons of money on your mortgage! So that is exactly what we preferred to do.

The home renovations could happen along the way…

At first, we thought we had a 30-year loan with a 5.2% interest rate. Turns out, that at closing the interest rate dropped to 4.5% and the loan was made out to 15 years!!! You may be wondering if our monthly payment was crazy high since the amount of years is less… however, we are happy to say that including taxes & insurance, our monthly payment is super comfortable!

To give you an idea… our first one bedroom & one bath apartment had a higher monthly payment.

Friends, you have no idea how happy our hearts are! I say this in the most humbling way possible. This blog post isn’t to boast of how “great” our life is right now. It’s rather a victory post! I am joyful to have the opportunity to share something great that is happening in our life. Because that is what life is about! There’s a whole bunch of low’s but when you least expect it…. a blessing happens. I’m praising Jesus for it all! Only He knew what he had for us. This door was open since 2017 and I refused to accept it. Within the right time, everything worked out.

We wouldn’t have achieved such a great accomplishment if it weren’t for my parents that pushed us to stay put. Also, my in-laws for their input and good wishes. I’m thankful for their life and all the impacting advice they have given us (& will continue to do so). I’m so so grateful for my mom’s heart, for wanting to bless us in such a tremendous way.

I’ll be very honest, as we began this whole transaction, I felt wrong for taking up on her offer. But as things started happening, I realized our happiness means the world to her and being debt free has set her free! (In case you were wondering, her home situation ended up better than what she expected. & that makes me very gratified.)

We moved in.

Oops sorry no… I mean my mom moved out on January 1st, 2019. It was the perfect way to start the year!

& so our adventures continue… now with a home of our own. [:

Thank you for reading, and wanting to be part of our journey. We hope to keep you guys updated on all the new happenings with our house.

I also hope this blog post encourages you to re-think ALL your options. I encourage you to stay still… until the right wave hits you. [;

If you liked this post, please give it some love & share with your friends & family! Let me know what you think, or if you’ve had a similar experience of your own- I’d love to know. Feel free to contact me if you have further questions or details about our new adventure!

This is us Finding our Spark, hoping you ‘re finding yours.

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